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Hello Friends!   I am committed to your success. Helping you create steps that lead to a victorious, healthy life.  Personal Coaching and Training that improve quality of life and optimal nutrition for ideal weight management and healthy aging.  Call now to schedule.  574.276.2148

experienced & professional

During the initial consultation, we discuss all of your health & fitness goals.  Then we develop a personalized program that involves taking steps.  Each step has purpose and leads to a destination.  We are here to coach, encourage and motivate you to be consistent with your fitness program.  Nutritional guidance is given to help you achieve optimal health benefits

and maximize your fitness efforts. 

Work In - Work Out.  The Mind-Body Difference.

Sarah Downs took the first step and starting working out with me in January 2015.  She lost 52 pounds and over 15% body fat the first 8 months and has kept it off for over two years!  Great job Sarah!  Are YOU ready to take the first step!

Quality of Life

We believe everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of living a healthy, active life.  Many Americans are living life by default, just taking what life gives them.  You can live a life of purpose, by design and enjoy each day to the fullest.  And we're here to help you create a healthy, active and energetic lifestyle and truly enjoy a greater quality of life!