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Weekly training sessions are scheduled  1 to 3 times per week.  Equipment is brought to your home.  TRX, stability ball, Bosu trainer and dumbbells.  In home Personal Training programs includes fitness/nutrition consultation to establish goals, personalized exercise program and upgrades as fitness improves.  Meal planning is discussed  and nutritional guidance is provided.


               Personal Coaching Call

           Consultation + Program Design + Tools

No more confusion or guesswork.  Schedule a 30-45 minute Coaching Call with Fitness Expert and Personal Coach Tom Brady.  Experienced and professional, Tom will design a personal wellness plan that delivers results.  Relaxed, caring consultation with someone you can trust. 

Simple steps are created in core areas and special attention given to difficult or problem areas.

Coach Tom has over 35 years working closely with people and helping them discover and experience an improved quality of life.


  • 30-45 minute consultation/coaching call
  • Personal program design emailed to you
  • Monthly wellness newsletter
  • Great online wellness resources
  • Discount on Coaching and Training programs

Life changing, body transforming, health, fitness and nutrition starts here.  Take the first step now! 

Change Your Life

   1 sessions$75

   3 sessions$210    $105

 10 sessions -  $600    $405

 24 sessions -  $1200      


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Tom Brady


                      In Home Personal Training                             








Thomas Brady

fitness expert + Health Coach + Trainer